What You Didn’t Know About Getting to Max Level in Galaxy of Heroes

Lord of Hunger in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is the new flavor of the month. By logging in and leveling up to 85, you can unlock this crazy dark lord that will stop your game from being dominated by other Jedi Knights.

When you reach the max level, which has only been done a handful of times, it is important to login and participate in multiplayer to join the battle and prove your worth. Kyloe Ren is waiting for you in Krennic event and you can also conquer the military might event through the use of force.

Now, when you choose the force, it is important to realize what platform you are playing the game on. If you are the light side player, then make sure to fire it up on your iPhone to take care of multiple accounts. For Android players, you cannot do this without leaving your guild and using the hacks to generate some freebie resources.

Next on the agenda is the tank raid, which requires a lot of tournaments to master. Here are some additional tips you may want to heed by:

  • Take the time farm the shards. This way you can level up and gain special abilities faster.
  • R2D2 is the ultimate healer for the Best Light Team.
  • Rebel characters are opportunities and can thieve their way to the max level.

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