Update on Madden NFL Mobile Auction House

Just last September 25, an update on Madden NFL Mobile Auction House was released. This update is very useful in obtaining a large number of packs and coins. However, game economy had to be protected by shutting down the Auction House so they would temporarily expire naturally. But the auction house was opened once more and those who found themselves with excessively huge unopened packs or coins would have these reduced.

Such drastic measures had to be done by EA to protect the gaming experience of all players. The game was down for a certain period of time but they will be enjoying 300 worth of Madden Mobile coin hack once they log in from October 1 to October 8, between 6 A.M. to 6 A.M.

With this update, a lot of players experienced issues such as disappearing coins as well as bids apparently being won but not granting the winners the items won. Aside from the compensation mentioned above, players who downloaded the game on August 20 before 2 P.M. Eastern time would be given special packs of cards with an Elite Player which could not be auctioned. Along with this are 5 bronze trophies which are rare in the Auction House. These trophies are also very much useful too complete sets in a season. They may even be used for higher sets.

Another compensation is that there would be no fees for auction house sales during August 24 at 6 A.M. of the Eastern time. It is usual that there is 10% commission for successful sales but this is waived for that particular weekend.

Overall, the compensation brought upon by EA may not be enough for the losses of players over some bugs but at least, they could help. And after all, it is nice to know that EA is concerned about their constituents and they are quick to act on a problem and do something about it.

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