Get Unblocked on Animal Jam With Right Codes

Animal Jam is prone to getting blocked, whether you are at work or school. So how to play this wondreful game for kids while you are slacking off on work? Then all you need to do is take advantage of item generators. Although not officially supported, AJ item generator is a good way to obtain rare items like golden bunny and gem codes.

Codes generator for gems is on a limited use basis because of their popularity. Getting rares is certainly on the minds of many Animal Jam players and free gems can be a good way to work towards that goal. Fox plushie is loaded with gems and forgotten desert map can unlock the treasures that are hidden and locked.

Make sure tow ear the elf tail armor and epic pizza hat, because that’s how you can get a hold of the gem generator. While wearing those two items, tap your shoes together and sing like a golden bunny. The codes cheats will pop out the righteous codes you need to master this Animal Jam world.

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