Traveling to Exotic Islands in My Singing Monsters

Are you stuck somewhere boring like your house or work and you would rather be anywhere except for where you are? With the tap of a GET button in the app store, you can download the free and unique game My Singing Monsters, where you will be able to populate islands and see what happens from there. On the game, you can create completely original areas in landscaping and playing around with the monsters. You can name the monsters, feed them, and help them to achieve happiness.

gold-island-my-singing-monstersWhen you help your monsters achieve happiness, it works in the same way that you make your friends happy in real life. Their happiness becomes yours. My Singing Monsters is founded on completely innovative technology. The game takes you from bored to an amazing world you didn’t even know existed. Take it from me, someone who has a bad case of anxiety. This game can help you to calm down and relax, while having fun at the same time.

My Singing Monsters has many great features that will enhance your gaming experience and totally leaved you hooked. It has an abundance of wonderful art, animation and audio effects. Take special note that while the game is free, some of the game items can be purchased for your real money, but that is totally optional and not forced upon you by any means. In other words, you can still happily play the game and make progress without using your own hard earned money via real life. There are online tools that players have been using to hack free diamonds in My Singing Monsters.

Every new island you go to has it’s own song that the monsters work together to create. The islands are considered the monsters home. In a sense, you are visiting their home and in return they sing for you. I must admit the music is rather catchy and wonderful (Not just for little kids either, but for all age groups). The names of the islands include Plant Island, Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island, Earth Island, Gold Island, Ethereal Island, and Shugabush Island. An interesting fact to know about the islands are that each one has a face-like area in its front part because they are treated as ancient monsters in the game. Also, each natural island is missing one of the five elements and take note that a monster can’t exist on any island that is missing one of the elements. In the market, any of the completed songs can be bought.

Specifically speaking, the Gold Island can only house duplicates of monsters which have achieved level fifteen on the natural islands, and after this they are placed on the Gold Island. In addition, when it comes to the ethereal island, the single element ethereals must be teleported to the island and will no longer be on their home island. This also applies for Shugabush Island. Although, this may sound confusing if you have never played the game. The music is essentially a bonus, but you do have to work for it in some aspects.

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