Mini Mundo, SmallWorlds for Spanish Speakers

SmallWorlds is an amazing video game. You can interact with all kinds of people with this game, so you will have a blast in no time. However, this video game is only available on a limited set of languages. This version also is compatible with latest companion online hack tool that allows free SmallWorlds gold generation. So Spanish speakers should be able to play this game as well, but it should be translated into Spanish as soon as possible.

SmallWorlds will have more players down the road if this game is translated into Spanish someday. However, the team behind SmallWorlds might not have time to make this translation possible in the future, but at least they might make an effort to write a Getting Started guide in Spanish down the road.
It Will Make Sense for Latin America

The Latin American community should be able to play this amazing game, as this will make sense for them as well. Since the Spanish-speaking world is huge, this massive population can be a godsend for the creators of SmallWorlds.

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