Common Obstacles in Crossy Road like You Would See in Cuenca Del Plata

I’ve been playing this new mobile app game called Crossy Road, which is reminescent of Frogger, which was a classic arcade game. This was based on the recommendation of the website Crossy Road, the premiere cheats and hacks site for Crossy Road.

Crossy Road is slowly becoming one of the most loved and addicting games for all age range. To help you strategize, we have listed below some of the types of obstacles you would encounter and how you could go around them without ending up dead.

1. Boulders

Commonly found in grasslands. They look like boulders and they are bigger than the mascots in the game. You could say that they are big in size. Variants include doughnuts and gravestones. Doughnuts are pretty much like ordinary boulders, but with different texture. Gravestones are tombstones with handwriting. They are used to mark graves. Boulders are basically inanimate objects.

2. Birds

These obstacles are non-interactive and decorative. They are small and white critters usually found on grasslands like the boulders and snow lanes. They search for food and constantly turn around. They are often in clearings and they are of large flocks. Sometimes, they appear randomly. You really won’t have a problem with them as they fly away when your mascot appears within 3 square units near.

3. Trees

Probably the most common obstacles. They may be found in snow, deserts, and grasslands. They are of different sizes, variants, and heights. There are actually a lot of variants. Examples of such are regular tree, burnt, evergreen, Christmas, dead, Australian, and Ireland and UK.

4. Lollipops

This obstacle is only available when you are playing as Android Robot. This is basically exclusive to Android users. The lollipops are of different colors such as blue, pink, and yellow.

5. Ice Creams

They look like ice creams but are of sizes like trees. They have waffle cones that are cream-colored and above them are ice cream scoops which may be chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. They also have sprinkles on top.

6. Chocolate River

They are like normal rivers, only brown in color.

7. Chinese New Year Obstacles

Among these are the bonsai tree, cherry tree, Chinese lamp stand, and snowy tree.

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