Update on Madden NFL Mobile Auction House

Just last September 25, an update on Madden NFL Mobile Auction House was released. This update is very useful in obtaining a large number of packs and coins. However, game economy had to be protected by shutting down the Auction House so they would temporarily expire naturally. But the auction house was opened once more and those who found themselves with excessively huge unopened packs or coins would have these reduced.

Such drastic measures had to be done by EA to protect the gaming experience of all players. The game was down for a certain period of time but they will be enjoying 300 worth of Madden Mobile coin hack once they log in from October 1 to October 8, between 6 A.M. to 6 A.M.

With this update, a lot of players experienced issues such as disappearing coins as well as bids apparently being won but not granting the winners the items won. Aside from the compensation mentioned above, players who downloaded the game on August 20 before 2 P.M. Eastern time would be given special packs of cards with an Elite Player which could not be auctioned. Along with this are 5 bronze trophies which are rare in the Auction House. These trophies are also very much useful too complete sets in a season. They may even be used for higher sets.

Another compensation is that there would be no fees for auction house sales during August 24 at 6 A.M. of the Eastern time. It is usual that there is 10% commission for successful sales but this is waived for that particular weekend.

Overall, the compensation brought upon by EA may not be enough for the losses of players over some bugs but at least, they could help. And after all, it is nice to know that EA is concerned about their constituents and they are quick to act on a problem and do something about it.

Common Obstacles in Crossy Road like You Would See in Cuenca Del Plata

I’ve been playing this new mobile app game called Crossy Road, which is reminescent of Frogger, which was a classic arcade game. This was based on the recommendation of the website Crossy Road Secrets.com, the premiere cheats and hacks site for Crossy Road.

Crossy Road is slowly becoming one of the most loved and addicting games for all age range. To help you strategize, we have listed below some of the types of obstacles you would encounter and how you could go around them without ending up dead.

1. Boulders

Commonly found in grasslands. They look like boulders and they are bigger than the mascots in the game. You could say that they are big in size. Variants include doughnuts and gravestones. Doughnuts are pretty much like ordinary boulders, but with different texture. Gravestones are tombstones with handwriting. They are used to mark graves. Boulders are basically inanimate objects.

2. Birds

These obstacles are non-interactive and decorative. They are small and white critters usually found on grasslands like the boulders and snow lanes. They search for food and constantly turn around. They are often in clearings and they are of large flocks. Sometimes, they appear randomly. You really won’t have a problem with them as they fly away when your mascot appears within 3 square units near.

3. Trees

Probably the most common obstacles. They may be found in snow, deserts, and grasslands. They are of different sizes, variants, and heights. There are actually a lot of variants. Examples of such are regular tree, burnt, evergreen, Christmas, dead, Australian, and Ireland and UK.

4. Lollipops

This obstacle is only available when you are playing as Android Robot. This is basically exclusive to Android users. The lollipops are of different colors such as blue, pink, and yellow.

5. Ice Creams

They look like ice creams but are of sizes like trees. They have waffle cones that are cream-colored and above them are ice cream scoops which may be chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. They also have sprinkles on top.

6. Chocolate River

They are like normal rivers, only brown in color.

7. Chinese New Year Obstacles

Among these are the bonsai tree, cherry tree, Chinese lamp stand, and snowy tree.

Traveling to Exotic Islands in My Singing Monsters

Are you stuck somewhere boring like your house or work and you would rather be anywhere except for where you are? With the tap of a GET button in the app store, you can download the free and unique game My Singing Monsters, where you will be able to populate islands and see what happens from there. On the game, you can create completely original areas in landscaping and playing around with the monsters. You can name the monsters, feed them, and help them to achieve happiness.

gold-island-my-singing-monstersWhen you help your monsters achieve happiness, it works in the same way that you make your friends happy in real life. Their happiness becomes yours. My Singing Monsters is founded on completely innovative technology. The game takes you from bored to an amazing world you didn’t even know existed. Take it from me, someone who has a bad case of anxiety. This game can help you to calm down and relax, while having fun at the same time.

My Singing Monsters has many great features that will enhance your gaming experience and totally leaved you hooked. It has an abundance of wonderful art, animation and audio effects. Take special note that while the game is free, some of the game items can be purchased for your real money, but that is totally optional and not forced upon you by any means. In other words, you can still happily play the game and make progress without using your own hard earned money via real life. There are online tools that players have been using to hack free diamonds in My Singing Monsters.

Every new island you go to has it’s own song that the monsters work together to create. The islands are considered the monsters home. In a sense, you are visiting their home and in return they sing for you. I must admit the music is rather catchy and wonderful (Not just for little kids either, but for all age groups). The names of the islands include Plant Island, Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island, Earth Island, Gold Island, Ethereal Island, and Shugabush Island. An interesting fact to know about the islands are that each one has a face-like area in its front part because they are treated as ancient monsters in the game. Also, each natural island is missing one of the five elements and take note that a monster can’t exist on any island that is missing one of the elements. In the market, any of the completed songs can be bought.

Specifically speaking, the Gold Island can only house duplicates of monsters which have achieved level fifteen on the natural islands, and after this they are placed on the Gold Island. In addition, when it comes to the ethereal island, the single element ethereals must be teleported to the island and will no longer be on their home island. This also applies for Shugabush Island. Although, this may sound confusing if you have never played the game. The music is essentially a bonus, but you do have to work for it in some aspects.

Travelling Around South America on a Budget

Visiting South America

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 8.35.32 PM

Saint Augustine said, “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Travelling around the world and exploring different cultures is an opportunity that opens new horizons. A traveler learns a lot by meeting different people, seeing different nations and exploring a whole new world.

One of the most exciting places to travel is South American; it is actually a sub-continent of America, its prominent cities include Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Guyana, Chile, Bolivia, Suriname, French Guiana, British Overseas territory etc. This part of America is rich in culture and history with Spanish as the dominant language in most of its cities. Architectural, historical relics, great food variety, natural wonders, colorful and dynamic cities and breathtaking landscapes bring in a huge inflow of tourists to South America every year.

Why You Need to Visit Gran Chaco This Year

Visiting Gran Chaco 

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 8.38.32 PMGran Chaco is an extensive lowland plain found in central South America. This land is also called Chaco Plain. The size of Gran Chaco is estimated to be 647, 500 square kilometers. It is not densely populated and is divided among Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

According to records, this place is where the hottest temperatures in the southern continent were observed. As you go east, the weather becomes increasingly humid and on the opposite west side, the weather becomes increasingly dry.